Original Theme Songs: 18, 17

18. Cheers

Composer: Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo

Artist: Gary Portnoy

This song is so popular it has its own Wikipedia page and is often hailed as the best theme song ever. Every DJ played it at every high school dance I went to. I like it quite a bit, and it fits the theme of the show perfectly, but perhaps I’ve just heard it too much.

Here’s the full version, which isn’t as strong as the main opening title sequence, but still fun.

17. Night Court

Composer: Jack Elliott

Artist: Ernie Watts (saxophone)

It’s Harry Anderson day at Death By Troggles!  I miss him and John Larroquette in these roles. I also like me some jazz.

3 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 18, 17”

  1. Yeah, Cheers has got to be an easy top-fiver for this cat. Necessary cuts, though. Some of that is way too cheeky for its own good, and would have gotten old quick. A good comedy doesn’t need the song to tell its jokes.

    Jesus, what is this instrumentation?! Well, I’m glad I heard it, because this is pretty funny (not “ha ha” funny).

    I had strong negative feelings for Night Court and I can’t possibly tell you why. I grew to love Harry Anderson down the road. I love jazz. This theme isn’t scratching my particular jazz itches, but it’s a good, light theme.

    1. When I was a kid, the theme to Cheers was a very calming presence for me. I really felt at home watching it. On another day I might have it top five.

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