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Black Mirror, Episode 3×05: Men Against Fire

Black Mirror - Men Against Fire.jpg

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, we follow Stripe (pictured), a military grunt whose job is to hunt down mutant humans and exterminate them while arresting anyone harboring these dangerous beings. The new technology here are neural implants the soldiers use that not only enhance their senses (making them better killing machines) but also gives them incredibly realistic sex dreams. The sex dreams, of course, were added just in case the viewer wasn’t tipped off already (by the whole killing machine part) that this technology might not be altruistic. Or maybe Netflix just wanted to show some boobs.

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Black Mirror Countdown


A fifth season is in the works, so over the next few weeks I’ll be counting down every episode of Black Mirror from worst to best. For those who haven’t seen Black Mirror, it’s basically a darker, more in-your-face Twilight Zone that relies on technology gone amok rather than the supernatural.

Spoilers abound, naturally.