8. Andrew Brunette dekes Patrick Roy

Game: Wild @ Avalance (Game 7, first round)
Date: April 22, 2003
Announcer: ??

I didn’t watch a lick of hockey after the North Stars left, not even the Wild’s inaugural season. But when the made the playoffs in 2003, I tuned in. Down three games to one, they won game five, then won game six in overtime. Then game seven. I was definitely on edge.

I think last year’s Wild playoff comeback against Colorado was even more insanely tense, but the announcing wasn’t as strong. The first call below is some ESPN dude I can’t determine.

and here’s the radio call.


5 thoughts on “8. Andrew Brunette dekes Patrick Roy”

  1. Kind of sounds like Karl Ravech, or something.

    I was college during this run and we went f***ing nuts after that goal. That was a lot of fun.

  2. I remember this goal quite fondly, though I don’t remember why I was watching hockey at the time, since I hadn’t really gotten into it yet from after the North Stars left.

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