10. Kefka Kills the Espers

After the Espers came and pretty much kicked Gestahl’s ass, he throws together a hasty peace accord (which he expects you to send out the invitations for). Kefka is thrown in jail, everyone has some really good ice cream, and the game ends on a happy note.

Art least, I'm assuming this is how the game ends.
Art least, I’m assuming this is how the game ends.

Ha! Nope, just kidding. It’s time to go waste time out in Thamasa for a while in one of my least favorite segments of the game (it introduces Strago, so can I be blamed?). You make contact with the espers and they agree to kill Strago and the game ends on a happy note.

Wait, no. Actually Kefka shows up and kills everyone (including, yes, the aforementioned Leo fight). It’s kind of badass.

He also murderizes his own soldiers, which is less “badass” and more just “mean”.

One thought on “10. Kefka Kills the Espers”

  1. Today I thought we were discussing the part where you play as an esper in esperland, are told to hide, and then when you come out, your village is all dead. But this part’s cool too.

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