11. Don’t Tease the Octopus, Kids

Don’t Tease the Octopus, Kids

We’re cheating here, as this isn’t really a “moment” so much as it’s a celebration of anytime our favorite purple octopus is on the screen.

Greatest hits scrapbook time!

He means it...probably.
Ultros issues an ultimatum.

He can also push four tons.
Ultros knows to an exact degree how long complex tasks will take.
He rightfully hates Strago, too.
Ultros is not impressed by Relm or her buggy “Sketch” ability.
He also knows the future.
Ultros speaks truth to power.
He is proud of his job.
Ultros can see the joy in a good, honest day’s work.

3 thoughts on “11. Don’t Tease the Octopus, Kids”

    1. I had trouble with that first fight as well. After that, I started to kind of feel bad for the big lug because I was kicking his ass pretty thoroughly.

  1. Ultros is so asinine. It is behind ridiculous that you fight him in the sky; it’s so absurd it almost belongs in a different game, but I do love the comic relief being so bizarre in such a dark game.

    I laughed my ass off when I saw that he was a receptionist. That moment would have been even better if the graphics were by today’s standards. I’d love to see him in a dopey uniform.

    One of his many weirdly-written laughs is “G’fu, fu, fu…”. My friend Leif and I said that to each other constantly.

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