Play With The Prose 7, Challenge 10: Andy Rustleund

This time we had to write about the afterlife. Last time we got this prompt, I went humor and included Ray Combs, who had committed suicide. Decided to kind of go that route again.

Jack passed a sign: ONE QUESTION

Most everyone was wondering about the meaning of life. Jack wanted an answer far more interesting. He reached the front of the line.

What is your question?

Jack smiled. “What’s the worst movie about the afterlife?”

What Dreams May Come

Jack nodded. “Because of the garish colors and overwrought script?”

One Question Only!

“I’m sorry,” said Jack.

No one has asked me about cinema. I like you. I show you my reasoning.

Robin Williams appeared before Jack, grinning from ear to ear.

“Um…hi?” Jack mumbled.

“Hi, Jack!” Robin gave him an exaggerated handshake. “How do you like it here? It’s so peaceful you’d think it was run by the Amish! It’s so heavenly I half expect John Denver to come by and shout ‘Oh God!” Robin’s arms were gesticulating wildly. “The clouds are so fluffy, I feel like the Snuggle Bear is sitting in my ass! I just gotta show you the place man. It’s such the bomb they should rename it Manhattan Project!”

Jack turned back. “I’m in hell, aren’t I?”


“And Robin Williams is here?”

Most of him is in heaven. We just got this part.

K: Ha. This gets a little darker even than our usual stuff, and much like Williams itself, it can be mildly funny but it’s also sad and disturbing to watch in a way. It’s a very tough thing, writing drama like this that reads like comedy on the page. I mean, the stinger is obviously a punchline, but this has its own poignance, too, and not manipulative trash like, say, Patch Adams.

CW: I feel like humor makes the afterlife way better. It certainly made these more fun for me. I’m pretty sure Robin Williams’ family wouldn’t appreciate this but you’re in luck! I’m not related! – BRONZE

I wasn’t expecting much from the judges on this one. I’ll take the one point. With two weeks to go, I’m tied for second place. There are 13 contestants that are in playoff contention for 8 playoff spots. I think I’m pretty safe, though I’ll know better after the next challenge.

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