92. Leave It To Beaver

Creator: Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher
Years: 1957-1963

A show that was probably pretty important at the time that while competently produced, isn’t terribly enjoyable. It’s impressive in that it was fairly progressive for the time, and I wonder how much Hugh Beaumont being a minister contributed to it. The kids get in trouble a lot, and the parents never yell or utilize corporal punishment; in fact, each episode is more or less a public service announcement for treating your children well, giving them morals and expectations while understanding they’ll make mistakes. Unfortunately, the way the show is designed, it’s never overly dramatic or overly funny. It’s charming and sincere, but so are some commercials. The Beav could be a few spots higher, but we’re in a stretch of a lot of shows that I’ll never give another minute to, so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

One thought on “92. Leave It To Beaver”

  1. Almost everything I know about Leave it to Beaver is based on the scene in Kentucky Friend Movie where “Beaver” and “Wally,” played by adults, are in the courtroom scene.

    The actual show just seemed a little saccharine for me.

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