74. Silk Stalkings

Creator: Stephen J. Cannell
Years: 1991-1999

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I saw every episode of this series while Mitzi Kapture and Rob Estes were the leads. They had a lot of chemistry and I was suckered in by the will-they, won’t-they and the allure of southern Florida. And, of course, I was just hitting puberty when the show about passion crimes started and…yeah.

All I can say is it got really bad when Estes and Kapture left.

One thought on “74. Silk Stalkings”

  1. This was on after Monday Night RAW and for years I considered staying up an extra hour to watch it. I never did, and to this day I’ve probably seen about ten minutes of it. Also, despite never watching it, I remember being annoyed that Mitzi Kapture had left, because I’d watch the opening credits just to see her, and to hear the banging, seedy music.

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