Turbo Survivor II, Challenge 3: Intrigue!

You’re writing the opening of a mystery novel.  This by no means should be a complete story – it should be a hook that makes us want to read the complete story.  It doesn’t have to include the crime that will be solved, but if it doesn’t, then it should give some indication of where things are headed.

Word Limit: 50
Time Limit: 20 Minutes

Sparks enjoyed the finest luxury foods while on holiday. Tonight’s meal was the head of an Outlier. Some thought it barbaric, but this fate was surely better than the camps. Win-win, one could say.

“Here you are, Sir,” said his waiter. “A blonde, as you ordered.”

It was his wife.

K: This seems more like horror than mystery, and I’m not sure whether it should be humorous or terrifying (or both). It’s a unique idea, though I need a bit more to be truly grabbed by it. BRONZE

MN – This seems like an interesting world you’ve built, but the concluding sentences feel more like they’re further establishing the type-of-world than establishing a mystery. I’m guessing you had a much bigger vision than the prompt permitted.

It seems to me that finding out that someone murdered your wife is establishing a mystery, but hey, nothing is ever as clear as the author thinks. In better news, my team did just fine again, finishing second out of four teams, and is the only full team remaining with 20 players left.

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