68. The Waltons

The Waltons Title Screen.png

Creator: Earl Hamner, Jr.
Years: 1972-1981

A really charming show about a family trying to survive in the Virginia mountains during The Great Depression. There’s a lot of authenticity, and the character of John-Boy is played pretty damn well by Richard Thomas. And there’s been at least fifty times where I’ve been in a room with family where everyone is saying good night to each other and someone adds, “And good night Mary Ellen!”

Thing is I have zero desire to ever watch this. While it’s interesting, I was never really moved by it.

One thought on “68. The Waltons”

  1. Oy. I didn’t even know about this show until I was far too old and jaded to be moved by such syrup. If there’s a Hell, I’ll spend eternity watching shows of this ilk.

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