Turbo Survivor II, Challenge 6: Fortunately, Unfortunately

I will provide the first line of your story.  The next sentence starts with either “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately.”  From there on, you alternate every single sentence starting with Fortunately or Unfortunately.
Finish the story by adding fifteen or fewer more sentences.  There will be no word limit, because the number of sentences effectively takes care of that.
The opening line is:
I took the whole family on a vacation to the casino.

I took the Whole family on a vacation to the casino.
Fortunately, they had just enjoyed a movie and were in a good mood.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Whole had too much popcorn which inflamed her irritable bowel syndrome.
Fortunately, her children saved her seat at the slot machine.
Unfortunately, her children were terrible at video poker.
Fortunately, Mr. Whole was doing well at the craps table.
Unfortunately, Mrs. Whole was doing too well at the craps.
Fortunately, I was able to keep Mr. Whole company.
Unfortunately, I’m kind of a slut.
Fortunately, I (and now little Tristan!) am part of the Whole family.

K: So, one of you killed off the Whole Family and the other split them up? This starts out nicely enough – with popcorn, like every other damn story this week – and kind of sputters to a finish. I strongly dislike the line “Unfortunately, I’m kind of a slut.” That is not the kind of self-awareness possessed by the people you want to call sluts. In drama (including comedy), the best situations come from every character thinking they’re the good guy.

MN – And another Whole family. Yay! I think you could have done more with the ending lines… something about a new Mrs. Whole, or something along those lines. I found the parenthetical to be a bit too random, though the idea worked. And good on you for genuinely building on your expanded Whole family prompt…

Yeah…   this ended poorly. I’ve never been that good at this challenge. I just wind up relying on puns and cheap sex jokes. Thankfully, our team barely finished in 3rd place for the week, once again avoiding having to kick anyone out. 17 players left!

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