62. Sex and the City

Creator: Darren Star
Years: 1998-2004

I had seen maybe a half-dozen episodes of the show before I met my wife and I thought it was pretty funny. Now I’ve seen every episode, most of them at least five times.

There are several memorable scenes that make me laugh every time. Miranda is a strong character I enjoy watching, and Samantha is usually good for a laugh per episode. The final season arc where Carrie is dating the Russian artist is solid, especially due to Mikhail Baryshnikov’s performance. But Carrie is constantly obnoxious, and since she’s the main characters who narrates the hell out of everything it gets hard to love the show. Her draw to Mr. Big is irritating, and while Chris Noth is fine, he’s not so good that he needs to show up as often as he does.

I haven’t seen many of the episodes uncensored. Of the ones I have, they’re somewhat improved due to more colorful language, though the sex scenes aren’t very sexy.

3 thoughts on “62. Sex and the City”

  1. Most of the sex scenes are used to further the drama and comedy, to be fair. Most aren’t supposed to be sexy. There’s a really, really funny one between Samantha and her eventual beau.

    I liked this show a lot on the whole, but god, Carrie was infuriating. She constantly makes the wrong decisions about everything, and yes, constant narration is unnecessary and heavy-handed. I get it – it’s fair because she’s writing her column – but her column often comes off as the worst-written part of the show, like the writing bits in My Boys. Seriously, how often can she say the words “Was Miranda right?” before her readers recognize that all her columns sound the fucking same?

    1. Let me rephrase. The censored version still shows most of the sex scenes, and oftentimes the comedy and/or drama is still there. But in some cases there was nudity thrown in just for nudity’s sake, and it didn’t spice anything up for me.

      In the first season she actually talks to the camera a few times like Zack in Saved By The Bell. Ugh.

      1. I had forgotten that entirely, despite two runs through the series. Yeah, first seasons are often…a little raw.

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