53. Star Trek: Enterprise

Creator: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga
Years: 2001-2005

I really  really wanted to love this show. It was the perfect direction for Rick Berman to take the franchise. We had just seen a whole bunch of 24th century Star Trek, including explorations of the Gamma and Delta quadrants. Going back to the beginning of Star Fleet was ripe for awesomeness. But man was this underwhelming. Plots revolving around building a universal translator or crafting the prime directive should have been awesome, but they were at best mediocre. Just a combination of mediocre casting and mediocre writing. Scott Bakula never really feels all that comfortable in the captain’s chair.

To be fair, I still haven’t seen the final two seasons of the show, but from what I hear it’s more of the same. Occasionally interesting, but ultimately disappointing.

3 thoughts on “53. Star Trek: Enterprise”

    1. It was quite average at best at first but there were later episodes that really put it on track in the 4th season but by then it was a dead duck.

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