28. Law & Order: SVU


Creator: Dick Wolf
Years: 1999–Present

Ah, what the heck. They’re basically the same show with different actors. I rank this one higher as I find cases on sex crimes a little more compelling than murders, as often the victims are still alive. Also, Mariska Hargitay. She’s fantastic. Funny thing, though. I don’t particularly like Chris Merloni. But Hargitay was better when she had him to play off of. Now that she’s in charge, eh. I haven’t watched this regularly, or at all really, in about five years.

The other reason I like this version a tad more than the original is that the cast seemed to work together better. Richard Belzer and Ice-T make a delightful cop duo. Dann Florek is better in this show than he is in Farmer’s Insurance commercials. And both of the primary ADA’s, Stephanie March and Diane Neal, are solid.

4 thoughts on “28. Law & Order: SVU”

  1. You lost me at “I don’t really like Chris Meloni.” Dude is engaging in everything he’s in. I only ever saw one episode of this and it’s only because Amanda Seyfried was in it, but he was good in that one.

    1. I’ve only seen him in a couple things, and this is the only one where he’s a lead. But man if you had only watched his character in this show you might see what I see. His character arc is angry, angry, smug, angry, smug, angry, smug, angry, smug, angry. I assumed the writers/directors didn’t know what else to do with him. Maybe it’s their fault.

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