Beatles Song Countdown: 120-116

120: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby

Album: Beatles for Sale
Writer: Carl Perkins
Singer: Harrison

Verdict: A rare song where George hits some higher notes, though now I read his voice was heavily produced using echo delay. A pretty decent cover, and it firs the theme of the group during this time due to their fans’ obsessions. 

119: Her Majesty

Album: Abbey Road
Writer: McCartney
Singer: McCartney

Verdict: One of rock’s first “hidden tracks” though it appears it was supposed to be left off the album altogether and was merely an accident. Originally slated between Mean Mr. Mustard and Polythene Pam (which is obvious if you listen to the notes), it’s instead tacked on 14 seconds after The End. Many fans have complained that its placement ruins the poetic nature of The End being the last song on the last album The Beatles recorded. Bah, whatever. It’s a nice little jingle. I also learned just now that Chumbawamba did a cover.

118: Tell Me What You See

Album: Help!
Writer: McCartney
Singer: Lennon/McCartney

Verdict: Completely unmemorable lyrics, but the instrumentation here is pretty kick-ass. George and Ringo nail the percussion, and John’s guitar by itself outshines the song.

117: Honey Pie

Album: The Beatles
Writer: McCartney
Singer: McCartney

Verdict: I enjoy the music hall style for the most part.  “Now she’s hit the big time,” crackling in the speaker is a great intro. Not sure how I feel about the clarinet, but Paul’s voice is soothing. The ending, with Paul going “a do do do” is too much of an homage to old-timey music.

116: Yer Blues

Album: The Beatles
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Lennon

Verdict: John is satirizing other British white dudes who think they can play the blues here. However, he does a pretty good job creating a bluesy voice for the song, and he was feeling suicidal when he wrote it, so hey. I don’t particularly like the guitar work, but John’s voice is raw and I like singing along to it.

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