Beatles Song Countdown: 105-101

105: The Inner Light

Album: Past Masters, Volume 2
Writer: Harrison
Singer: Harrison

Verdict: The inspiration for one of the best sci-fi episodes of all-time. I love the Indian music. I would have ranked this higher if the verses would have been abolished all together.  

104 & 103: Love Me Do

Album: Please Please Me & Past Masters, Volume One
Writer: Lennon/McCartney
Singer: Lennon/McCartney

Verdict: The first single with Andy White on the drums (Ringo is on the drums for the Past Masters version). Love John’s harmonica, as usual. In fact, it’s pretty much the whole song, as otherwise it’s an incredibly simple song with simple chords. Still, competent and pleasant.

102: Because

Album: Abbey Road
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Lennon/McCartney/Harrison

Verdict: Kind of a lull for me on Abbey Road, though I love Paul’s high notes in the harmony. Not sure about the synthesizer. My favorite part if the fade out into You Never Give Me Your Money.

101: I’m A Loser

Album: Beatles for Sale
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Lennon

Verdict: The opening track to their fourth album, it was a definite sign that the band was working on becoming more than a pop boy band. The rhymes are fairly unimaginative, but I like the rhythm. John singing a low G note is the highlight.


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