Beatles Song Countdown: 100-96


100: I Feel Fine

Album: Past Masters, Volume 1
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Lennon

Verdict: I am crazy for the opening note of this song. Allegedly, it was the first song ever on vinyl that intentionally used feedback for musical effect. After that, it’s a fairly standard, pleasant pop song. When you’re rhyming “girl” and “world” you’re usually not shooting for the stars. I do love the guitar ending as well. Having good bookends apparently helps my opinion of a song quite a bit. 

99: Do You Want To Know A Secret

Album: Please Please Me 
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Harrison

Verdict: Given to Harrison because it was a simple song and “he couldn’t sing.” George does sing this well, and it hit #2 on the charts. I like the “you you!” fade-out.

98: Can’t Buy Me Love

Album: A Hard Day’s Night
Writer: McCartney
Singer: McCartney

Verdict: The first Beatles song that has no harmony. Good melody, solid singing by Paul. Overly simple lyric though I love the fade-out with Paul’s “Ohhhhh….”  Rolling Stone has it as the 295th best song of all-time.

97: Love You To

Album: Revolver
Writer: Harrison
Singer: Harrison

Verdict: Considered a revolutionary song in its heavy use of the sitar and its general break from standard pop rock. George plays the sitar beautifully here. It’s a love song to his wife; I like the rhythm, but some of the words leave me a bit cold. “There’s people standing round–Who’ll screw you in the ground,” is too stark a contrast for all the making love talk.

96: Good Morning, Good Morning

Album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Lennon

Verdict: Not sure how I feel about a rooster opening the track (in addition to the other animal sounds), but I love the unusual rhythm and time signatures. That makes it hard to sing along to, but it’s a delightful jolt to hear.

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