Beatles Song Countdown: 35-31

35: Rocky Raccoon

Album: The Beatles
Writer: McCartney
Singer: McCartney

Verdict: I think I overrated this a bit; satirical songs usually wear thin after a while. Especially since Paul is trying his hardest not to use his best singing voice. I think I just like how most of the song is just one long breath. I also had a girl go on a date with me once after I told her I liked this song. Then again, it wasn’t the best date. 

34: Strawberry Fields Forever

Album: Magical Mystery Tour
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Lennon

Verdict: Rolling Stone has this the #3 Beatles song. I knew a guy at an old job of mine who had it squarely #1. Both Rolling Stone and that guy are bigger Lennon fans than I. I have grown to like this more over the years. John does a great job on the vocals; I enjoy his frequent changes in tempo while remaining in key. However–and I think I’ve said this before–I just don’t care much for the mellotron. For what it’s worth, John said he didn’t like the album recording and accused Paul of sabotaging it.

33: Baby You’re A Rich Man

Album: Rubber Soul
Writer: Lennon/McCartney
Singer: Lennon/McCartney

Verdict: I know this is just two separate, completely unrelated songs smashed together. But dang it they just complement each other so well. Ringo does a fine job here too.

32: Ticket to Ride

Album: Help!
Writer: Lennon
Singer: Lennon

Verdict: I’ve gone back and forth on this song over the years and I think this spot seems about right. The lyrics are nothing special and harken back to a lot of the mindless stuff from their earlier albums. On the other hand, that guitar intro! And the fade-out of “my baby don’t care!” is exceptional.

31: For No One

Album: Revolver
Writer: McCartney
Singer: McCartney

Verdict: I’m not a huge fan of this song’s rhythm, but it’s lyrics are heartbreaking. The chorus is brutal and I love how Paul sings “And in her eyes you see nothing.”

2 thoughts on “Beatles Song Countdown: 35-31”

  1. I love “For No One.” I actually love the interesting rhythm, which is a rarity for The Beatles and the main thing that’s always made me so apathetic to them.

    I never liked “Strawberry Fields Forever.” “Baby You’re a Rich Man” is fun and lively and “Ticket to Ride” is a great, versatile song. I’ve heard this covered as a sad ballad, and it works that way too.

  2. I almost bailed 20 seconds into “Rocky Raccoon” during the tedious folksy opening, but I’ll be damned if it hadn’t grabbed me just a handful of seconds into the real meat of the song. It’s stupid, yeah, but I like it.

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