153. Life Support (3.13)

Synopsis: After a serious accident, Bashir struggles to save the life of Vedek Bareil while Kai Winn concludes a peace treaty with Cardassia. Jake and Nog reluctantly explore the differences between Federation and Ferengi cultures.

Memory Alpha Summary: I tell ya, this episode is on life support. Nyuk nyuk.

Review: When you kill off a character, it only has weight if it’s someone the audience cares about.

The producers decided to kill of Bareil, because he was fairly well established but they didn’t really like his character. Yeah, I didn’t care much for him either, or his relationship with Kira, so losing him didn’t really affect me. The only part that was enjoyable was Bashir going toe-to-toe with Kai Winn. 

The Jake and Nog subplot was bizarre up against the A-plot (death). The two boys exploring cultural differences is welcome, but as usual, some subtlety would have been nice. Those girls stayed on those dates way longer than any reasonable humans would have.

One thought on “153. Life Support (3.13)”

  1. Ah, prolonged bad dates in non-romantic TV shows. Makes one wonder if the writer has any history in the dating field.

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