154. Prodigal Daughter (7.11)

Synopsis: Ezri returns to her home to ask her family’s help in finding O’Brien, who disappeared while searching for the widow of a dead friend.

Memory Alpha Summary: O’Brien watching others suffer for a change!

Review: My, my.  Lots of “end the conversation by walking away indignantly” going on in this episode.  Maybe it’s because I’m from Minnesota, but I’ve almost never seen this in reality. Once in a while for dramatic effect is fine, but nobody in this episode likes saying, “See ya later.”

The family conflict here barely rises above after-school special territory, though I do like Norvo, at least until he admits to the murder using his best psychopathic delivery.

And then we have O’Brien, who had apparently been involved in something dangerous and exciting off-screen, just showing up to witness the above events.  There is literally no reason for this story to exist.

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