142. Once More Unto The Breach (7.07)

Synopsis: With the Dominion War raging, the old Klingon warrior Kor feels left out of the action, and looks for some way to get his share of the honor of battle. However, his efforts to play a part are stymied by Martok, who holds a grudge against Kor.

Memory Alpha Summary: Quapla’???

Review: Really feeling the season 7 fatigue here just like in TNG.  There was not a single point in this episode that wasn’t utterly predictable and derivative.  I knew Kor (who we’ve never met before) was going to go on one last mission and die.  I knew the mission to destroy the Dominion outpost would fail.  I knew the beat of every Klingon boast and proclamation.  

I also really do not like Ezri Dax.  The actress continues to project her emotions before the character feels them and she’s not charming in the slightest.  

The episode could have been saved a bit had we seen Kor’s amazing feat to destroy the ten Dominion ships.  But alas, that wasn’t in the budget, so we get a lesson about how legends are real if we believe them.  Ooooookay. 


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