141. The Darkness And The Light (5.11)

Synopsis: A hidden enemy systematically murders Kira’s old Resistance comrades.

Memory Alpha SummaryBut forgets how to murder when facing Kira.

Review: Those involved love this episode but it does nothing for me. Heavy on allegory and low on pathos, this one just hit every expected beat. Kira yet again defies her uniform and her direct superiors to go off on a vendetta, which is exactly what her would be Cardassian killer expects her to do because she’s so predictable. And then we get the villain tying Kira down and giving her long-winded speeches about good and evil and I just can’t. The makara deus ex machina herbs that save her put the icing on the cake. 

I’m also just tired of the endless debate about the morality of the Bajoran terrorists during the occupation. Let’s move on, people. It doesn’t help that Visitor overacts here as she’s wont to do. 

At one point Worf is questioned on how he knows the Rules of Acquisition, and he says he learned them at the Academy. Except when Worf was at the Academy, it was before the Federation had ever met the Ferengi (they had only heard of them at the start of TNG).  Whoops.

One thought on “141. The Darkness And The Light (5.11)”

  1. This plot intrigues me so I’m hoping someday I make the time for this series again (or for the first time, depending on the episode).

    But I’m largely just happy that you used the term “wont to do.”

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