139. Shadows and Symbols (7.02)

Synopsis: Sisko searches for the mysterious Orb of the Emissary. Worf, Martok, Bashir, O’Brien, and Quark attack a Dominion shipyard in orbit around Monac IV. Kira confronts the Romulans over their arming of their hospital base. Deep Space 9 also receives a new resident who has a very familiar name.

Memory Alpha Summary: Symbionts love their DS9.

Review: It’s pretty common in dramas for characters to abruptly end conversations but it’s pretty ridiculous here.  At one point Kira just walks away from a conversation with the Romulan after dropping the mic and then later ends two transmissions.  

There are three A-plots working here, all of them mediocre.  I’m pretty much over the prophets at this point; we know virtually no more about them than we did six seasons ago and Benjamin still just does their bidding with almost no sense of why or how.  I also don’t care about getting Jadzia into Stovo-kor (and the new rules for entrance we find out here just to give a reason for all the senior officers to leave DS9 at the same time).  The standoff between the Bajorans and the Romulans is the most interesting, but I still wasn’t terribly excited about it.

The highlight here is the introduction of Ezri Dax (which doesn’t say much).  Joseph Sisko (Ben’s dad) is wasted in his final episode.

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