138. Accession (4.17)

Synopsis: A three-hundred-year-old Bajoran ship comes through the wormhole, and its passenger claims that he is the Emissary of the Prophets.

Memory Alpha Summary: Will the real emissary please stand up?

Review: Worf had some pretty good one-liners on TNG, but none of them beat the one he gets here.

Quark: Did you hear? Keiko’s gonna have another baby?
Worf: Now?!

Otherwise, I’m not a big fan. I wouldn’t mind Bajoran religion episodes so much if they were more subtle. But, as usual with these storylines, some religious leader (in this case, the new emissary) declares some outrageous things, the Bajoran sheep fall in line because they’re still suffering PTSD from the occupation, and predictably horrible things happen until Sisko convinces everyone to act like rational people. The resolution here is also incredibly unsatisfying, with Sisko and the new guy going to the wormhole to talk to the prophets. The prophets, who require about seven hours of chatting with Sisko in the pilot to understand basic linear concepts, decide in about forty-five seconds here that Sisko should win. And then Sisko gives a speech off-screen and the Bajoran people are okay again. Sheesh.

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