124. Melora (2.06)

Synopsis: Doctor Bashir ends up falling in love with a new officer when he develops a way for her to function in a high gravity environment. Meanwhile, Quark receives a death threat from one of his former associates..

Memory Alpha SummaryAlways heard falling in love can make you feel like you’re floating on air

Review: I’ve never been a big fan of episodes with a special character, especially when the special character is conveniently there to save the day using her special ability.

A character from a different-grav environment is a fun idea, but her disability isn’t really explored all that well. I like the fact that she turns down the “cure” for her gravity problem, and I like the little romance with Bashir (it’s a pretty good episode for his character). But everything’s way too contrived. The B-plot with Quark is terrible. I never believe the relationship with him and the convict, and the aforementioned contrivance where Melora needs to save the day is ridiculous.

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