119. Time’s Orphan (6.24)

Synopsis: An accident on the planet Golana sends Molly O’Brien through a time portal three hundred years into the past into an uninhabited world. Beamed back too late, Molly returns to the present eighteen years old with no immediate recollection of her life or her family.

Memory Alpha SummarySafe on the McFly Farm

Review: One of those plots that lacks a lot of tension as there’s little doubt that the writers don’t plan to kill off Molly but still a decent watch as Meaney pulls as much drama out of it as he can. I like that they portray feral Molly as realistic as they can and also treat her respectfully and therapeutically.  Ultimately, however, it’s just not terribly interesting.

The B-plot is cute. Worf proves (for one day, anyway) he can be a good father to Jadzia by successfully babysitting.

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