120. Image In The Sand (7.01)

Synopsis: Sisko tries to regain contact with the Prophets.

Memory Alpha SummaryFor some reason

Review: Ezri Dax’s “Hello” would have more impactful if her name wasn’t in the credits, though that’s a trifle.  I always enjoy Ben’s conversations with his father, and finding out there’s an underground Bajoran cult that worships the Pah-Wraith is pretty cool.  The stabbing was a tense moment for sure.

Vic Fontaine shows up again, this time to threaten the band dissolving if Worf doesn’t stop tearing up his joint.  I love independent Holodeck characters.  

I appreciate the drinking scene with Worf and O’Brien.  You would think they would talk about the Enterprise more since they spent five years there together.

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