111. Rivals (2.11)

Synopsis: Quark feels threatened when a con artist arrives on the station and opens up a competing bar. Meanwhile, Chief O’Brien is determined to beat Doctor Bashir at racquetball.

Memory Alpha SummaryBurned on the river

Review: A potentially fun but ultimately unsatisfying fluff episode about what would happen if luck was no longer random. Quark’s rival, the El-Aurian, is only mildly charming and never comes alive on screen. So it’s hard to care about anything he does or how he affects Quark. 

The rivalry between Bashir and O’Brien has the potential to be great, but is interrupted by the whole random luck thing. Ultimately the episode focuses too much time on the El-Aurian not enough of time on these two. At least Meaney gets to take his shirt off for Rosalind Chao.

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