112. Penumbra (7.17)

Synopsis: Sisko plans to marry Kasidy Yates; Worf is missing after a battle with the Dominion.

Memory Alpha SummaryPro-choice is the Sisko

Review: The first episode of the final Dominion arc is a bit underwhelming.  We have Ezri being the 85th person to steal a runabout to find Worf and their fighting/tryst seems a bit forced, though that’s probably because I’m underwhelmed by Ezri’s character. 

Sisko proposes to Kasidy in a cute way, but I’m also over the prophets telling him he can’t be happy. Also, I guess he’s used to war, but proposing while his best friend is putting her life in peril?  You think he’d be too worried and would find it ruins the moment.  Finally, we have Weyoun being Weyoun.  I’m glad Dukat has showed up and it’s cool to see Marc Alaimo without the Cardassian makeup on.  Also nice to see the Breen show up in a significant role after making some brief appearances in this show and being mentioned eight years before on TNG.

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