87. When It Rains… (7.21)

Synopsis: Sisko and Kira aid Damar’s rebellion against the Dominion; Bashir discovers that Odo is infected with the disease that is threatening the Founders. (Part 5 of 9)

Memory Alpha SummaryIt pours (my best guess anyway)

Review: More of a bridge episode than the last couple, this one reintroduces Gowron who wants to thrust his Batleth at the Empire one last time, Dukat predictably getting Pa-Wraithed (I would have preferred Winn outsmart him, but glad she has the upper hand), and some fairly banal despite the circumstances guerrilla warfare training by Nerys to Damar and the Cardassians. 

The one exciting part of the episode is Bashir’s realization that Section 31 purposely infected Odo with the virus that is affecting the Dominion.  It’s a callback to when The Federation wanted Picard to infect the Borg with a similar virus but he refused, only this time The Federation got their way.  Ironically, it was less of a moral conundrum to infect the Borg, as they were mostly machines anyway and devoid of emotion (at least while linked).  

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