88. His Way (6.20)

Synopsis: Odo consults a holographic lounge singer about his relationship with Kira.

Memory Alpha SummaryFly them to the moon

Review: A nice change of pace this season with strictly a character development episode that has nothing to do with the Dominion.  James Darren, who plays Vic Fontaine, has the kitsch down perfect and I enjoyed Auberjonois’ take on Odo trying to have more fun.  Plus, the music was rather pleasant.  

Odo and Kira’s fight/kiss at the end was very sitcommy, reminiscent of Sam Malone/Diane Chambers, but it was still delightful.  I’m glad something is finally happening with them. Odo deserves some character growth outside of The Founders, and Kira deserves to be with someone actually on-screen that she has chemistry with (unlike every other boyfriend she has on the show).

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