78. Apocalypse Rising (5.01)

Synopsis: Sisko leads a commando team into Klingon headquarters in an attempt to expose the Changeling impersonating Gowron.

Memory Alpha SummaryNot that kind of commando. It was a fully clothed team.

Review: A nice resolution to the Klingon war story that always felt a bit forced, but retconned nicely here to include the Dominion being behind the whole thing.

Gowron becoming ridiculous never made much sense anyway (though it happens again later!). Other than the resolution here I wasn’t too wowed by the plot. It was basically a covert op that was outlined as suicidal, gone through with as planned, with only the twist at the end to save it from being a completely paint by numbers script. 

J.G. Hertzler is pretty good as Martok

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