79. Crossfire (4.13)

Synopsis: Odo must face his feelings for Kira when she falls in love with First Minister Shakaar, her former Resistance leader.

Memory Alpha Summary: Kira sure loves her Bajoran politicians

Review: Another episode that deals with Odo’s love for Kira. Auberjonois kills again, bringing deep pathos to a character that restricts his emotion. The scene where he trashes his own place haa special impact given how orderly Odo needs everything to be. It also cements the sort of symbiotic relationship he has with Quark.

What I don’t like is the Kira/Shakaar relationship. Not only has Shakaar’s character changed completely from his first appearance, I just don’t feel the chemistry they allegedly have. 

The repartee between Worf and Odo is fun as they find out they are more similar than they originally thought. However, when Worf admonishes Odo later when Odo screws the pooch and nearly gets three people killed, they get into a “With All Due Respect” fight which happens so often in Starfleet that one wonders if the phrase is taught at the Academy.

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