56. The Collaborator (2.24)

Synopsis: Kira’s lover is accused of collaborating with the Cardassians during the Occupation.

Memory Alpha SummaryKira’s future lover does too!

Review: Holy Hannah is Vedek Winn awesome television. Every time she talks it makes your skin crawl, yet her character is entirely believable at the same time. Vedek Bareil, on the other hand, is kind of dull, so this turn of events is actually welcome, as having Winn as the Kai will definitely lead to better episodes in the future. Unfortunately, we haven’t had enough time with Nerys and Bareil to really buy into their love for one another, so the emotional parts of this episode fall flat a bit. 

Odo’s scene with Kira is brilliant. Without any dialogue, it’s instantly obvious that Odo has feelings for her, and Rene portrays this perfectly, setting up the huge payoff in season three.


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