55. Return to Grace (4.14)

Synopsis: Kira and Gul Dukat chase the Klingon Bird-of-Prey that destroyed a Cardassian outpost where Cardassian and Bajoran representatives were holding a conference.

Memory Alpha Summaryand Grace wasn’t happy about it

Review: The writers continue to do a fine job at pigeonholing Dukat into plots while developing his character in a realistic way. On TNG, the story about him reuniting with his daughter would have just dangled forever, but here they deal with it in a fairly satisfying way.

Forcing Kira and Dukat to work together is a bit contrived, but it never feels phony. Dukat’s flirting gets a bit much (which Kira thankfully rebukes), though he does get a great one-liner in, while referencing the previous episode with his daughter. “I’m very glad you convinced me not to kill her.”  

The takeover of the Klingon ship is fun.

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