12 Celebrity Deaths That Mattered To Me

Recently I learned news of a celebrity death and my immediate reaction was, “Ah, shit!” I was surprised by this reaction because normally the most I can muster when I hear similar news is curiosity. I have rarely felt any emotional attachment to someone I’ve never met, and when I feel something when a celebrity dies, it’s generally because I’m going to miss whatever form of entertainment they were providing.

To be clear, the list will just be entertainers. I could provide a laundry list of people that were really important to society that I’m pissed died young (e.g. Alan Turing), but I don’t feel like being angry for two weeks. So, fluff it is!

John Candy
John Ritter
Kirby Puckett
Heath Ledger
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Philip Seymour Hoffman
George Carlin
Phil Hartman
Jim Croce
Dale Earnhardt
Roger Ebert
Douglas Adams

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