License Plate Countdown

One day I was driving and I saw an out-of-state licensed plate and my first thought was, “Wow, that’s hideous.”  I had never really considered the art and design that goes into creating a license plate, but after taking a look at what each state’s plate looks like, there’s definitely a significant discrepancy between the best and the ones that looked like they were done in Microsoft Word with Clip Art by an intern with an axe to grind.

I didn’t anguish much over these rankings, so if you’re annoyed your state ranks lower than you think it should, then I did my job.

States 50 thru 46
States 45 thru 41
States 40 thru 36
States 35 thru 31
States 30 thru 26
States 25 thru 21
States 20 thru 16
States 15 thru 11
States 10 thru 6
States 5 thru 1

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