Ranking Every Show I’ve Watched

I love exhaustive lists. There’s nothing more agonizing than doing a countdown like “Top 100 songs of all-time!” when you’ve literally only heard one millionth of one percent of all the songs of all-time. Obviously, I haven’t seen every TV show of all-time. But at least if I rank every show I’ve ever seen, it can be judged on its own merits. No one can come by and say, “How did you possibly rank Saved By The Bell ahead of The Wire?” Well, I’ve never seen The Wire. And you’ll know that because it ain’t on the list. Hopefully someday.

So this list will be comprised of every fictional TV show that I’ve seen enough of to feel comfortable ranking. Here are some examples of what won’t make the list:

1)Non-fiction Shows. Example: Late Night with Craig Ferguson
2)Game Shows. Example: Win Ben Stein’s Money
3)Shows I’ve seen a few episodes of but not enough to decide how I feel about it. Example: The X-Files
4)Shows I hated so much I didn’t finish an episode. Example: King of Queens
5)Children’s Shows

List Created in 2015

102: Two and a Half Men
101: Full House
100: Ned & Stacey
99: Gilligan’s Island
98: Saved By The Bell
97: Growing Pains
96: Big Bang Theory
95: The Brady Bunch
94: Home Improvement
93: Designing Women
92: Leave It To Beaver
91: Who’s The Boss?
90: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
89: 7th Heaven
88: The Dukes of Hazzard
87: Diff’rent Strokes
86: The Michael J. Fox Show
85: The O.C.
84: The John Laroquette Show
83: Something Wilder
82: Highway to Heaven
81: Knight Rider
80: Wings
79: Dharma & Greg
78: Silver Spoons
77: Caroline in the City
76: ALF
75: The Drew Carey Show
74: Silk Stalkings
73: My Wife and Kids
72: Everybody Loves Raymond
71: Family Guy
70: My Boys
69: Life Goes On
68: The Waltons
67: Lucky Louie
66: Family Ties
65: Grey’s Anatomy
64: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
63: That 70’s Show
62: Sex and the City
61: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
60: Tru Calling
59: The Fugitive
58: Bones
57: Mad About You
56: Welcome Back, Kotter
55: Coach
54: The Cosby Show
53: Star Trek: Enterprise
52: The Andy Griffith Show
51: Girls
50: Smallville
49: NYPD Blue
48: Night Court
47: Star Trek
46: Friends
45: The Golden Girls
44: Inside Amy Schumer
43: Will & Grace
42: Seinfeld
41: Roseanne
40: ER
39: Scrubs
38: M*A*S*H
37: Dexter
36: 3rd Rock From the Sun
35: Orange is the New Black
34: How I Met Your Mother
33: Star Trek: Voyager
32: Fawlty Towers
31: Quantum Leap
30: All in the Family
29: Law & Order
28: Law & Order: SVU
27: Daria
26: Better Call Saul
25: South Park
24: United States of Tara
23: Pushing Daisies
22: Key & Peele
21: Becker
20: NewsRadio
19: Black Books
18: The Walking Dead
17: The Wonder Years
16: Lost
15: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
14: The Twilight Zone
13: The Newsroom
12: The Simpsons
11: Firefly
10: Louie
9: Wonderfalls
8: Futurama
7: Corner Gas
6: Cheers
5: Arrested Development
4: Frasier
3: Parks and Recreation
2: Star Trek: The Next Generation
1: Breaking Bad

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