Best Moments of Cheers: 20, 19

20. Woody Doesn’t Tell Kelly He’s in a Play

Episode: Two Girls for Every Boyd (8×09)

Woody’s girlfriend Kelly was a one-joke pony, basically being there as a set-up for other people’s jokes. She didn’t really grow as a character, and was even more comically naive than the impossibly naive Woody. In this episode, Woody has landed a role in a local play, Our Town. He’s having trouble showing intimacy with his co-actress, played by Lisa Kudrow, because he feels like doing so would upset Kelly and because he feels guilty over not telling Kelly he’s in the play. She then catches him with her, and delivers her best line of the show’s run.

19. 555-6792

Episode: One Hugs, The Other Doesn’t (10×16)

Frasier and Lilith take their boy Frederick to see a Nanny Gee concert. Frasier soon realizes this is the same person as his first wife, whom he neglected to mention to Lilith (or the entire audience prior to his moment). Nanny Gee spends the entire episode pining for Frasier, much to Lilith’s chagrin. The last few minutes of the episode are gold, and I’ve never forgotten the above phone number.

2 thoughts on “Best Moments of Cheers: 20, 19”

  1. I remembered neither of these. I saw Kelly’s payoff coming, but only because you set it up. Solid joke-writing, that.

    Nanny Gee also makes an appearance in one of the funniest, most farcical episodes of “Frasier,” and like on “Cheers,” I’m not sure she’s mentioned on the series before that moment.

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