Best Moments of Cheers: 18, 17

18. Diane Gets Hired

Episode: Give Me a Ring Sometime (1×01)

Cheers was dead last in the ratings after its first season. It’s crazy that nobody tuned in considering how great the first season is, and it’s crazy that the show wasn’t cancelled anyway. You can’t even blame the poor ratings on the first episode, as it does a really solid job of introducing the characters while giving up a few good laughs. It’s not perfect.  Norm tries a Boston accent, which he thankfully dropped, and also is way more misogynistic than his character becomes.

For a quick recap, Diane and her fiancee wind up at Cheers to have some champagne before they fly off to get married. He winds up going back to his ex-wife and Diane is stuck with no fiancee, no money, and no job prospects. She then asks Sam what she should do:

17. Diane Leaves the Show

Episode: I Do and Adieu (5×26)

As everyone who watches the show knows, Cheers was filmed in front of a live studio audience. In this episode, Sam and Diane are finally getting married. The live studio audience was treated to an actual marriage. Imagine their surprise when they watched the aired version, where during the wedding, Diane gets notice that a book she wrote years ago is being published. She decides to take the advance money to finish the book and promises Sam she’ll be back in six months.

Sam Malone’s character is awesome because he rarely devolves into caricature unless he’s doing so on purpose to impress the guys. Ted Danson does a masterful job in making us believe his character during the emotionally poignant moments, and this is no exception.

Bonus Clip: Is There An Ernie Pantuso Here?

Episode: Give Me a Ring Sometime (1×01)

This is such a stupid moment from the first episode, but I still laugh every single time I see it. I love Colasanto’s delivery.

4 thoughts on “Best Moments of Cheers: 18, 17”

  1. I shouldn’t laugh at moments like “Ernie Pantuso,” but it’s so rapid-fire and the direction is so spot-on that it KILLED me the first time.

    In watching this show again, I stalled in the middle of season three. So, a lot of this stuff isn’t fresh in my head. Funny that Diane’s beginning and ending are failed weddings.

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