Best Moments of Cheers: 6, 5

6. The End

Episode: One for the Road (11×25)

The final season of Cheers wasn’t awful, but I wasn’t all that sad to see it go, and I was just thirteen years old. Lilith was gone, Frasier had lost something of his character (and slept with Rebecca!). Many of the plots seems to outdo themselves with the bar burning down, Sam going to sex therapy, and Woody running for city council. It was time.

Diane came back, of course. Carla’s utter hatred for her was over the top and particularly annoying in this episode. Sam proposes to Diane a fifth time, and this time she says yes. Thankfully, they come to their senses and Diane leaves again. The final episode definitely drags on as everything else ties up into a pretty bow (Woody gets elected, Rebecca gets engaged to the plumber, Cliff gets promoted, Norm gets a job), but the final scene is pretty solid. The primary gang is all there, shooting the shit. They have some armchair philosophy discussions, and it’s mostly a feel-good moment for everyone involved.

Some complained about the ending, but I thought the last few minutes were a perfect way to sign off.

5. Dr. Crane, meet Dr. Sternen

Episode: Abnormal Psychology (5×04)

With Diane’s character getting stale, Carla always being pointless, and the up and coming Rebecca being mostly obnoxious, Lilith joining the cast was exactly what the show needed. I never really bought Frasier and Diane as a couple, but Lilith was perfect for him. In fact, I believe her presence helped mold the character of Frasier Crane into what he became on the spin-off.

This scene, their meet-up at the bar after playing footsie with each other on live television, always make me grin from ear to ear.

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