Best Moments of Cheers: 4, 3

4. An Intelligent Woman Would See Through Sam’s BS

Episode: Sam’s Women (1×02)

If the first episode didn’t get people hooked on the show, the second one should have. Diane spends several days dismissing the women Sam dates as brainless, insulting him and his way of life. For the first time in the series, they trade barbs, with Diane seemingly laying the knockout punch.

But little does she know that Mayday has something left in the tank.

3. Coach Forbids His Daughter To Marry

Episode: Coach’s Daughter (1×05)

Did I mention how awesome the first season is? We meet Coach’s daughter, who is engaged to a misogynistic, obnoxious, despicable suit salesman. He wants to respect her wishes, but as he learns more and more about his future son-in-law, he can’t take it anymore and pulls her into Sam’s office. If you’re a guy and don’t spill waterworks watching this, get some therapy pronto.

BONUS Clip: The Best Opening Teaser

Episode: What Is Cliff Clavin? (8×14)

9 thoughts on “Best Moments of Cheers: 4, 3”

  1. I haven’t commented much because it’s been so long since I’ve seen most of these (I considered watching the heart attack one, but I’d rather watch it in sequence, as I’ve picked up and started watching the series again), but I love – LOVE! – your pick for #5 here. I don’t think I ever saw it as a kid, as it didn’t jog my memory at all, but it might be that a kid just can’t appreciate it so it didn’t stick in my mind.

  2. Last night we decided to start watching a bunch of episodes. We’re using ones with scenes from your list as a guide, so as not to spend our entire lives on the series. We’re laying down a base with most of Season 1 though.

    Any episodes not making your list that we should hit?

    1. Sam at Eleven
      Friends, Romans, Accountants
      Endless Slumper
      Diane’s Perfect Date

      No Contest is also okay and has an appearance by Tip O’Neill, but you can skip it. The other four are must sees, either for their quality, character development, or ongoing plots.

      1. Indeed. I suppose we’ll watch about 2 season’s worth of episodes total, so which 40 – 50 should we hit?

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