Dracula: The Resurrection

Publisher: Dreamcatcher
Developer: index+
Year: 2000
Platform: Windows; Mac; Playstation

Taking place seven years after the events in Bram Stoker’s novel, Jonathan Harker must travel to Transylvania to rescue Mina (who has been bitten by Dracula, apparently reincarnated) and defeat the vampire once and for all. An incredibly easy game that can be won in a day or two, Dracula: The Resurrection is intriguing but ultimately unsatisfying.

Dracula: The Resurrection Windows I never liked going down stairs, not knowing what's there.

The game is basically a mood piece, as puzzles are mostly easy and of the lock-and-key variety. But that mood is hampered by the maddening pixel-hunting missions corresponding with them. The 3D graphics are superb, the cut scenes effective, the design easily manageable, and the music appropriate (though less haunting than it could have been). However, you learn rather quickly that it is impossible to die, thus ripping away any suspense necessary for a story about a fearsome undead creature to work. Worse yet, you learn at the end that you don’t actually get to meet Dracula, who’s naturally awaiting you in the sequel (which I haven’t and likely won’t play).

Recommended, with reservations, for those looking for a short, atmospheric piece.

Dracula: The Resurrection Windows The local drunk.  He can help you with various items.

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