Original Theme Songs: 44, 43

44. Dr. Who

Composer: Ron Grainer

Perhaps the most recognizable theme song across the pond, Dr. Who is an electronic heavy theme. The original actually grates on me a bit, and it sounds like it would fit more of a horror theme than sci-fi. But I do enjoy the 2000 renditions, including the one below.

43. ER

Composer: James Newton Howard

Very understated, easily recognizable. It doesn’t exactly get me excited to watch the show, but very pleasing to the ear. I also love the video sequence.


One thought on “Original Theme Songs: 44, 43”

  1. I adore the Doctor Who theme (like you, the new one specifically).

    I never watched an episode of ER all the way through. The first time I decided I was going to, Maura Tierney was being kidnapped and was in the back of a car. I was like…nah. To hell with melodrama.

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