Original Theme Songs: 42, 41

42. Knight Rider

Composer: Stu Phillips

Very 80’s with the synthesizer, and very fitting for a show about a talking, super-powered car. A little light on variety, but solid.

41. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Composer: Ricky Sheldon and Edward Fournier
Performer: Michael Gray, Kim Carnes, and Michael Fournier

I don’t care much for the voice over by Bill Cosby, but I can’t help but sing along with the Na-Na-Nas and the Hey-Hey-Heys.


One thought on “Original Theme Songs: 42, 41”

  1. Yeah, there’s nothing much wrong with that Knight Rider theme. Repetition usually grates on me, but something about the piece’s subtlety (a rarity in those days) makes it stand out. I’m sure the show was beyond idiotic, but I loved it as a kid.

    I dig the Fat Albert theme too. I remember being annoyed that it wasn’t on anymore when I was young. I always loved it when I saw it but it was difficult to get a chance to see them. They showed them at my school every now and then.

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