Original Theme Songs: 40, 39

40. Saved By The Bell

Composer: Scott Gale

Artist: Tom Weir

So who knew that the simple theme song for Kids in the Hall is not original?

Completely unrelated, I decided to throw Saved By The Bell in here. I just watched the Lifetime movie, which was surprisingly and unfortunately not as cheesy or stupid as the show. Great Saturday morning upbeat theme song which matches the tone of the show quite well.

39. Fraggle Rock

Composer: Phillip Balsam

The Muppet Show’s theme might have more recognition, but this is the Jim Henson number that puts me in a good mood.

One thought on “Original Theme Songs: 40, 39”

  1. Saved By the Bell is easily the worst show of which I’ve seen the most episodes. My best friend and I would get out of school, get high, eat a pizza and watch it and laugh our asses off. Anyway, though, good song for the show. Funny thing: both my best friend and our other best friend at the time thought FOR YEARS that it was “and I target all my homework last night” instead of “and my dog ate all my homework last night.” I said “Wow…I never thought that” and their simultaneous response was “You didn’t watch it as much as we did!” It was such a weird defense. I knew better because I saw it…less? I pointed it out and they were like, “Oh, yeah, I guess that doesn’t make sense.”

    Fraggle Rock was a favorite of mine as a kid, as the Henson humor spoke to me always. We didn’t have HBO and it drove me nuts. When we happened to be at my grandma’s for the morning, my brother and I would wait impatiently for it to come on. Of course, 25-30 years later the whole thing is streaming everywhere. Man, to have had Netflix then…

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