Original Theme Songs: 38, 37

38. Seinfeld

Composer: Jonathan Wolff

Most Seinfeld fans already know that Wolff basically just synthesized 500 different sounds, including his own voice, to create this music. In fact, what sounds like a bass guitar is actually just the synthesizer. Crazy talented guy.


37. Frasier

Composer: Bruce Miller & Darryl Phinnesse

Artist: Kelsey Grammar

The long-version of this song is pretty bad, with backup singers for Kelsey that are pretty terrible. 40 seconds is the perfect length for this song that alludes to the theme of the show.

One thought on “Original Theme Songs: 38, 37”

  1. I adore both shows and themes. And hey, they even played back to back for quite a few years.

    I remember wondering how the hell the Seinfeld theme was created. I also remember thinking it was awfully fortuitous to have a great singer as the lead actor of your show.

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