Original Theme Songs: 36, 35

36. All in the Family

Composer: Lee Adams and Charles Strouse

Artist: Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton

That’s two songs in a row sung by actors in the show itself, so that’s pretty neat. There’s a charm in having the actors sing the song as if they were singing it in their own living room without anyone else listening.

35. The Twilight Zone

Composer: Marius Constant

This one is here just because I’m in love with Rod Serling’s voice. The intro from season 2 is my favorite. “That’s the signpost up ahead!”

One thought on “Original Theme Songs: 36, 35”

  1. As a kid I hated All in the Family – both the song and the show. Of course, I just couldn’t possibly appreciate either for what they presented at the time. As it happened, I didn’t see it again until after college, and realized it was one of the great comedies of any generation.

    Ditto on Rod Serling’s voice.

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