Original Theme Songs: 34, 33

34. Mad About You

Composer: Paul Reiser and Don Was

Artist: Andy Gold

Spookymilk mention that Saved By The Bell is the worst show where he’s seen most of the episodes. I might agree, though Mad About You has to be close for me. And for that matter, Caroline in the City and Wings. It’s a pretty inoffensive sitcom, but Helen Hunt can act circles around Reiser, making it hard to watch. But hey, I love the theme song! This is the full version.

33. The Andy Griffith Show

Composer: Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer

Whistler: Earle Hagen

One of the few black and white shows I still enjoy watching on occasion. Though last time I watched it they joked about domestic violence. Barney said this guy’s husband gave his wife the “what-for.” No word on whether or not he beat her and dragged her out of an elevator.

There’s a lyrical version of the theme song “The Fishin’ Hole,” and I can’t stand it. It’s just so folksy and pointless. But I still whistle this tune all the damn time.

2 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 34, 33”

  1. I like Paul Reiser as the slimy company man in Aliens. I think he’s wasted in a broadly comedic role. I actually never liked Helen Hunt, either. I think she sucks the life and energy out of every scene she’s in. I never did understand her reputation and she always came off as playing the same character, no matter what I saw her in. Anyway, I didn’t watch the show, but I think it’s interesting to note that this show has sold extremely poorly on DVD, and the conjecture is that it’s because the couple failed at marriage and divorced in the end. Strong, ballsy ending to the show, but if TV on DVD had been a thing yet, I’ll bet they wouldn’t have done it. Similarly, I heard HIMYM has stalled in sales in the wake of the brutal finish to their show as well. You can get away with unhappy endings if your show primarily caters to a more intelligent audience, but network sitcoms…their fans expect the most conventional elements possible.

    I’ve seen most every episode of Andy Griffith, at least those of which Barney was a part of. I think the show made a pretty good use of Don Knotts, who’s a huge over-actor in the hands of a director who can’t control him.

    1. I thought Helen was overrated in As Good As It Gets. But I liked her in this movie I saw recently where she plays a sexual surrogate.

      I never considered that a negative ending would affect syndication and sales but it makes sense. People tend to retroactively dislike something they liked if they don’t like the ending. I can understand in a movie, but in a sitcom, it seems silly. That said, I still love the first 90 minutes of The Game even if I hate the ending.

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