Original Theme Songs: 14, 13

14. Quantum Leap

Composer: Mike Post

Third appearance for Mr. Post. The music is almost too subtle for a sci-fi show, but I just love listening to it out of context.

13. Corner Gas

Composer: Craig Northey and Jesse Valenzuela

Artist: Craig Northey and Jesse Valenzuela

Northey is a Canadian singer from the band The Odds. Valenzuela is a member of the Gin Blossoms. They teamed up to do the opening and closing themes for the most popular comedy in Canadian history. Consider it the Cheers of their country; it was so popular that they were able to get famous comedians, athletes, and two active prime ministers to appear on the show. I’m also crazy about it. Probably a top five show for me.

I think the like the closing credits song “My Happy Place” even better than the opening credits. Unfortunately, the only videos I can find for it are the album version, which is terrible, or a full episode.


3 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 14, 13”

  1. Not all that crazy about the theme song, but thank you Beau for introducing me to the show, as I love Corner Gas . . . love the characters and every episode brought lots of laughs.

  2. I’ll pile on with those wondering why this song was used as Quantum Leap’s theme, good though it is.

    I’ve still never seen Corner Gas, and only heard about it a couple of years ago. It kills me that something can be that huge just north of us and it’s not on the radar at all. I don’t even recognize a single one of the actors.

    The song didn’t grab me, but there are high production values. For some weird reason I thought I remembered this not being the case.

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